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11th & Vermont REsidential


The 11th & Vermont site plan is divided into the South Parcel owned by Jefferson Apartment Group (JAG) and the North Parcel owned by BCN. The South Parcel, 1031 N. Vermont St, is planned to start in 2021 and continue through 2023. November/December will be used for site abatement, with demolition occurring in early 2022. Construction is expected to continue through 2022 until mid-2023.

To view the construction site and geographical information, see google maps or Arlington’s GIS information on nearby parcels.

Jefferson Apartment Group Project Page

1031 N Vermont Community Updates – Jefferson Apartment Group

County Project Page

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2/28/22 Construction Update

The Jefferson Apartment Group (JAG) plans to begin demolition of the church at 11th and Vermont this week. They have an approved permit and a demolition contractor in place, and should be moving the demo equipment onto the site as early as Monday 2/28/22.

General Information

  • Planned construction hours:

    • M-F 7am-9pm;

    • Sat-Sun 9am -9pm;

  • Planned parking ratio: 1.15 sp/u

  • Acoustical treatment: None planned

  • Noise abatement: None planned

  • Transportation plan: None current, but a tentative hauling route has been submitted

  • There is a current application for an amendment to the site plan. This amendment is going to the County Board in November. This amendment is strictly just to modify the green building certification level from Earthcraft Virginia to LEED Silver.


Located on 11th Street N at N Vermont Street, a redevelopment an existing two-story church and adjacent surface parking lot on a 55,667 sq. ft. (1.28 acre) site consisting of two contiguous blocks with 12 townhouse units (north block) and 73 multifamily and townhouse units (south block). The project density is proposed to be 2.75 FAR for the south block and 27.15 units per acre for the north block.

The developer previously had applied for an amendment in 2020 that modified the gross floor area, site circulation, building architecture, and other related items. That was approved by the County Board in 2020 and can be seen here.

The project was approved by the County Board on February 24, 2018. The original approval of the site plan in 2018 has conditions that regulate the construction activity (found on pages 49-54 of the original approval).

However, the planned developer, NVR, will not be executing the project.  But this does not change the approval of the site plan and the property owner, Northern Virginia Church Properties LLC, may move forward with the project with another development partner.


Depending on your concern, some items are handled by the developer and some are handled by the County. If you are unsure about who to contact or are not receiving adequate help with your concern, please contact BVSCA using the form below. With any communications, you are welcome to to keep the civic association aware of your concern. Generally, we try to review incoming items daily during the week and once over the weekend.

The developer has a Community Liaison, as indicated below, who is your first line of contact for resolving issues.

If you would like to contact the County for complaints or questions about noise during approved construction hours, contact Code Enforcement by calling 703-228-3232 or by going online and filling out this form and selecting Investigation Request.

For complaints outside of business hours, contact Arlington County Police at 703-558-2222. The County Police may not loop back with the Planning Department about the complaint, so you may want to get a Case # that can be used as reference.

If you would like to learn more about the noise ordinance, see the following website. There is a section in the Noise Ordinance which covers construction work.

Your contact points:

Ballston-Virginia Square Civic Association

Please contact us at


Jeff Sledden (Development Manager), 703-873-7306,

Greg Van Wie (Senior Vice President), 703-563-5203,

Project Specific Email Address:


Arlington County Project Planner

Courtney Badger, 703-228-0770,